1. DouchenDicklick

    lol, i’m making you mad, im i. every reply you feeding a troll, you can not insult a troll, so don’t bother trying.
    also i am much better than you because im american and your irish, who are peasants.
    ps im still waiting for my apology.

  2. Rconaty88

    Okay I’m not going to talk to a fucking retard who is arguing with a 13 year old over something stupid. I have better things to do in life so I honestly couldn’t give a shite what ya say because it’s almost guaranteed to be something of below average intelligence. And you say you’re of a higher social class than me? You don’t even know me and by the way you carry on, I’m sure you don’t have any friends. So yeah, argue with me all you want, but I think I’m the better person here, dicklicker.

  3. DouchenDicklick

    lol, u cant insult me, how hard you try (no one can), nice try mate, but between arsenal and spurs the gunners has more fans and history. also don’t swear at me as im at a higher social class than you, i order you to apologize peasant.

  4. Rconaty88

    Emmm no I’d say a lot of people living in Tottenham support the club as well and a lot of people in Ireland do too. So I’m not really a small majority there, am I? And yes I can insult you by calling you clinically retarded for thinking that spurs were not a club , but just some old away kits . What the fuck is wrong with your intelligence ?

  5. Rconaty88

    So, you’re saying that you’ve never seen a spurs fan at White Hart Lane when Arsenal play there? Well all I can say is you’ve either only ever watched 10 seconds of soccer in your life or you’re really running out of comebacks for the arguement that I’m clearly winning.

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