1. GSPA100

    Balo made sure he got the penalty…this is professional soccer at its
    finest. They teach strikers how to go down in the box at crucial times.
    Balo just mastered it, its part of the game boys.

  2. Aras Vardanyan

    Well obviously diving is bad,but if it wasn’t for that dive,milan would
    have lost,Balotelli saved the team :o

  3. Bet2Go Sports

    How to earn a penalty in the last minute of extra time the professional
    way. Balotelli for AC Milan against Ajax last night.

  4. beatpoet1000

    twelve players plus balotelli,plus the keeper inside the box as penalty is
    taken but the ref.and his assistant do nothing.wake up !

  5. Luukos010

    Haha , jullie de beste jeugd opleiding van de wereld ? Vroeger misschien ,
    maar dat is nu wel anders. Al jullie goede talenten zijn gekocht voor
    €1.000.000+ ( Fischer )

  6. YoYouri1

    first the ajax defender was pulling balo but he didnt fall, if he went to
    the ground at that moment it was a penalty, but he didnt and he pulled down
    the ajax defender, so super mario should have gotten a yellow card

  7. Gaetano Schiavo

    I am sorry, i think that if a referee sees a faul inside the penalty area
    ha can give the penalty in any case, the rules do not say that “denying a
    scoring opportunity” is a must. I agree that in most of the corners taken
    players take advantage of the confusion created by the high concentration
    on men in the area, this does not mean that they are allowed to hold
    players shirts. It was a difficult decision, but not a “terrible” one.

  8. Emile Waajen

    To everyone who says that Mike is holding Balotelli first: In every single
    situation like this there is always some contact between the defender and
    attacker, normally a referee would never give a penalty just for that (look
    at most of the corners taken). It is only considered an offence when the
    defender is blocking the attacker using his hands denying him a scoring

  9. Emile Waajen

    He is only mildly blocking him from running past him directly, no referee
    would normally give a penalty just for that. Notice the judo throw
    Balotelli does afterwards. And on top of that the ball was already in the
    hands of the goalkeeper so it isn’t as if Van der Hoorn took away a scoring

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