1. Superappo

    But in their current team, Messi is the best, there’s just no discussion – just look at the stats. There’s a reason that Messi is getting all the prizes every year, and not CR7.

  2. TriforceRich

    An EA employee would instantly be fired if they said Ronaldo was better than Messi on camera. It is like slapping your client in the face.

    Ronaldo>Messi. Messi was bred to play a specific style of football from childhood. He grew up with his team and has the best MFs in the world. Ronaldo will destroy the competition, regardless of what team he plays on. If I was Barcelona I would want Messi no question about it, but Ronaldo is better for Real Madrid. Ronaldo would be better in most teams.

  3. ryan88jones

    Proves how much you know about football. america have the best female academy for football in the world. look at some of the american players that have played over here. go suck a cock

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