1. Tony Montana

    real madrid are my tip for the cl hopefully they win they spent so much
    they might as well win 1 and hope that stops them spending, on a serious
    note benzema, wtf is he doing at that club, how has he stayed there so long
    being an average player, but players like robben van de vaart snijder left
    staright away.
    real madrid defense is shit, this is just an eg fifa 14 ramos is rated 86
    are you kidding me, that guy got sent off three times in his last 6 games,
    commits mistake after mistake and his 86, real madrid concede so many goals
    but no one notices that cause of ronaldo heroics.

    Real madrid instead of buying players in attacking players which you dont
    need, buy some defenders like johny evans, hummles subotic

  2. Amer Al-Shehri

    Ronaldo’s goal is offside. Ronaldo and De Maria are too selfish tonight and
    Banzema need to go we need another striker I hope it’s Falcao that would be

  3. Cockmaster27able

    Why did Ronaldo put his hand up?? When Jesse score the third goal??o.O like
    he was calling offside against he is own teammate o.O

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