1. Linzey Thompson

    Love it !:) some friends of mine, started up this company called Pirate Thinking, they are about innovation and really “out there” thinking! they just gave away 1% of their company too charity! vist them @ Facebook, and help them grow 🙂 Pirate Thinking !! and “like” them! 😀

  2. inori01


  3. MrFarahpwnsu

    my whole dream is to be a player in real madrid i have been playing in socer schools and have always been the best and i myself know that plz like so this spreads i train how to be a better footballer EVERYDAY!!!!! i always push myself

  4. TurboKock

    Youre another victim of Fakecelona evil propaganda. Ask Figo and R.Carlos which sportmanship have in Barcelona when they throw bottles and pigs heads to rivals when they are losing

  5. angegelos

    if Real had half of the sportsmanship of Barcelona then i may consider them as a inspirational team..they are a bunch of sore losers who whing like a bunch of little bitches..all of them, the whole team, even mourhinio..its not only football its the whole package..madrid are lacking big time…unlucky!

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