1. duhmvilla

    the keeper was right underneath it and positioned at his near post and saw it coming from the second it left ronaldos boot. He failed to stop it that is granted but that doesnt mean its unstoppable. On a different day different goal keeper that is not a guaranteed goal

  2. cheating44

    hahahahahaha fuck hala fuck hala fuck hala fuck hala fuck hala amdrid and fuck ac milan hahahahahahaha real madrid vs valnecia 0:0 ronaldo and pepe diving and cheating hahahahaha fuck hala madrid and fuck forza milan 1:2 firontina hahahah visca barca forza juventus hahahahahaha

  3. MrShiningbubblegum

    osasuna 3-2 barca bitchass..we’ll kick bayern’s ass for sure.you can count on that.who said ronaldo doesn’t show up against barca?what about the header in the final?I don’t know why I’m replying to ignorant fucks like you.

  4. hupholland5

    no madrid and barca are in tie with the most wins. and madrid won their leagues when franco was in charge so it was kinda easy then. we are talking about NOW and now barca is better. stop bringing up future of 50 years ago its fucking weak.

  5. TheMex96

    @w20adm The last game Ronaldo between Barcelona and Madrid Ronaldo scored. And Madrid has 9 champions and 31 leagues. And Madrid has won more games against Barcelona. And Barcelona only has 4 champions. So who is the better team?

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