1. Daniel Muscat

    jarrad, 1st of all great series 🙂 secondly, is there a quick way to field
    in your second team rather than just replacing each and every player one by
    one ? thanks !

  2. George Obregon

    Buy Suarez or aguero screw u Argentina were all over Germany Germany got a
    lucky goal from gotze

  3. The Dardans

    I heard a glitch that if your intersted player is over than 23 years and
    have less than 6 months expire in his contract you can get him free by just
    showing him week salary bonus per goal or cleansheet and years. It can work
    for Lewandowski too.

  4. Max Ironman

    You’re so fucking shit at career modes, like how fucking dumb are you.
    probably because you’re a fucking german scummy prick

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