1. felix felix

    Bayern is a fuck they playd Bad 🙂 but theyre so lucky because thr
    refferee helps Thema look at Supercup the gamme was over but Martin es make
    a goal not in time

    Poor world greets from germany juve
    (Sorry for Bad english)

  2. IIGoofyII

    You clearly don’t know anything. Juventus was robbed of a penalty and
    Bayern got an offside goal. Without those two referee mistakes the game
    would have ended 1-1 and a whole different story would have been played in
    Turin. Fuck Referees.

  3. Goal23

    u better calm the f*** down! u aint the only grown up nor the bayern fan
    here! and also guess what would be sad? u gettin banned from watching
    anymore bayern games!

  4. Pawan Gurung

    Bayern Munich are the best in the world & Bayern are on the top in the
    world number 1. 2 > Real Madrid 3 > Borussia Dortmund & 4 > Barcelona 5 >

  5. Pawan Gurung

    No, Bayern Munich is 1st Real Madrid is 2nd search this on google > > world
    top football clubs ranking

  6. icefreakk

    If Robben didn’t hog the ball and passed to Müller in the middle around
    3:12 it would have been 0-3

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