1. RapidOwnz3

    My fav team is arsenal but I just love bale as a player. Hope he stays he always scores against us!

  2. Markovalnto

    He is better than messi and ronaldo. He can attack superbly, they cant defence.

  3. al guien

    si va al madrid no arruinara su carrera, al contrario, se hinchará de goles como Cristiano desde que llegó

  4. TheRealElNino9819

    What is the name of the song that starts at 0:35? An answer would be very much appreciated

  5. isaacfutbol4hd

    it can be true about ronaldo, but he hasnt had much success than when he was in manchester united

  6. CsCfg

    It’s hard to make it in real madrid, because he will get alot of competition, and no many stars haven’t been ruined at real madrid a good of example of what im talking about is cristiano ronaldo.

  7. kingoffive123

    Imagine this line-up
    Carvajal Varane Ramos Marcelo
    Modric Alonso
    Bale Özil Ronaldo
    Suarez :O

  8. Pol Frauca

    Bale must stay in totenham but he is an excellent player and needs to accept the oportunity of going to Real Madrid. In my opinion bale has to come to bayern munchen

  9. AgentACE10

    Even though i love Bale,he definitely isn’t worth 85 million.45-65 million would be reasonable

  10. isaacfutbol4hd

    career will be over for bale if he goes to madrid, just look at the many stars that have been ruined there, most recently: luka modric

  11. Kike Denis

    He is good but he needs spaces to perform, i wanna watch him against small teams R.Madrid usually faces with all the players in the box and no spaces

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