1. NefariousVirtuoso88

    I think AVB will do well.
    Siggurdson is a great signing much better value for money than Modric
    Arry ended two seasons not being able to buy a win

  2. IllSk1llz

    you are wrong about Terry. Terry and Drogba were the ones backing AVB 100%. Especially Terry. Terry and AVB still are in contact with each other, they have great respect for each other. Terry is thankful of what AVB did for him during the Anton Ferdinand incident. Drogba even said that the squad needed to back him because it was his first ever season. He had his issues with Lampard and Cole though.

  3. AndyMcNabStab

    i think you would have more success making a 15 minute show every other day and making it more cozy and chatty, and allow the chat to be sidetracked once in a while. and perhaps put stats and stuff onscreen while your talking. then im sure you would get more viewers and more thumbs up.

  4. AndyMcNabStab

    I hope this isnt taken the wrong way..
    there is no charisma in the host of the show. the interactions between speakers are so formal, linear and dry.
    and i also dont understand.. is this show all for the benefit of 200 people on youtube? because its so formal its off-putting if thats the case, its uncomfortable to watch.
    please relax and show some natural smiles and be more chatty and not so direct.

  5. Dillerbas

    I know it might sound a little daft but I just know it in my heart that he will join us at Goodison Park. That being said I am in no way wishing for bad things to happen to Arsenal. I have respect for your club mate. I only wish you the best.

  6. notonthebeard

    This show is borderline racist..they always favor the brit and don’t believe the foreigner do can do it in the premier league.. they thought Carroll would be a bigger success than Aguero ffs. AVB failed at Chelsea mainly because Lamps, Ashley and Terry didn’t want him to succeed.

  7. pofcross

    ROFL. Everton. Yeah, right. He wants to win trophies, so he will go to Everton. What a mor*n. Next time you’re gonna say Messi is going to Villareal.

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