1. morocco- fanyhacker

    if bayern play vs atlitec titoune bayern she out prangentment with alot of

  2. Mike12336283

    Raja players did the best they could, kicking off Ronaldinho is already a
    feat. But you can’t talk with Bayern, they are the best right now. I mean a
    2-0 is not bad for Raja and if Bayern wanted they could have done more.
    Still congrats to Bayern and well done Raja ;)

  3. morocco- fanyhacker

    i see bitches from europ talk about Raja bayern had chance becouse Raja
    dont consetrad when them befor gols them could mark 8 gols in bayern gol

    and Raja is number 8 In the national championship number one is atlitec

  4. MrFadur

    SIEGE!!!! Bayern is THE best team right now on the whole planet!!

    They just ‘played’ with RCA!! 2-0 is more then enough.. OR what did you
    expect?? 20-0?? Why would they ‘sweat’ more when 2-0 is enough?

  5. Hide All Nice

    replay shows dante’s goal wasn’t offside. you just can’t rely on that rule.
    play by the whistle.

  6. Jalal Jalal

    bayern is the best team in the world today, but the tournament today’s
    world is not fair, because the team was playing Rajah 4 ‘matsh in 10 days,
    while only two bayern matsh in 10 days.
    more Budget Team raja is less than the salary of a single player bayern.
    then lose 2/0 against bayern and miss the beautiful 4 real opportunity to
    score goals is a umiliation for bayern which barca has gagnier 7/0
    you understand or not a philosopher of time addisionel

  7. Jalal Jalal

    and this is why the RAJA is the best team on the economic and strategic
    plan or clearer quality and price.
    the logic is to invest one dollar and two dollar win this is normal even in
    but the logic of those who invested thousands of dollars and earn only one
    dollar that’s GERMAN

  8. 孫 悟 空

    Si el equipo europeo que hubiese estado en el mundial de clubes no hubiese
    sido el Bayern, el Raja Casablanca hasta habria ganado tenia un equipazo.

  9. Rabie Allam

    bayern une grande équipe , ils ne voulaient pas gagner avec 5-0 parce que
    le Roi est présent, hhhh saraha Raja tchawhat

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