1. ArmadaRanger

    Football is what they did to get all the way to the final; and to get to the penalty-round. There might be luck included, but; skill, precision, quality, and strenght also count. They totally deserved it, that’s why they won it with fair-play. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t have CL, all that matters is that they finally did it, because they should have won it in 2009 and we all knwo that.

  2. TheColynSlayer

    The point was that they won that CL at penalties, which is not football anymore, it’s just pure luck. They didn’t deserve that, Bayern played better. Lost at penalties. End of story. Still, the first CL in 100 years of history, that’s embarassing. Even FC Steaua Bucuresti got it earlier, in ’86, and now it is an embarassment for Romanian football. And yes they took it once too.

  3. ArmadaRanger

    Are you STUPID? I’m talking about THIS YEAR, not on history. I’m a R.Madrid fan, you want me to bring back the 9 CL we have? 32 Leagues? Sorry brother, that’s what you get for talking shit, Bayern didn’t win a single title this year, while Chelsea at least left with two (and one of them is the most important title of european club-football). No I guess you’re the one who needs to sit the fuck down ;)

  4. geowar42

    you make no sense saying that football teams in the Champions league “didnt want to win”. And looking at what happened in the final you must feel pretty stupid for saying all that tosh.

  5. XxXJuLiAnOxXx19

    You cant understand something.The match was just a theatre Real Madrid didnt want to win the game my friend.Barcelona didnt want to win the match vs chelsea too..The reason is simple..The final will be in bayern and as for chelsea in 10 years they have given 500 milions and they havent won a champions..FOOTBALL my friend is just BUSINESS

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