1. RueTheWiki

    1. I already corrected my mistake of confusing Fulop with Foster.

    2. I never said we have a superior team, I said our teams are equal. Also we had one fewer point than you, which i consider a very fine margin.

    3.I’ll give you that one, my apologies.

    4. We would’ve been in the CL had Chelsea not won the CL by fluke (which I think we can both agree on).

    And just a general note, do you have nothing better to do than talk shit about spurs on Tottenham videos

  2. Scudeyyy

    1. The fact you called Fulop Foster shows you’re lack of football knowledge or rather delusion.
    2. You scored fewer goals than us with your supposedly “superior” team and got fewer points. Fact.
    3. Saying that you would’ve beaten us over 1 game in which we got lucky over a 38 game period is foolish, its like me saying that we wouldnt have lost at the Lane if Van Der Vaart’s blatant handball was picked up.
    4. You aren’t in the CL therefore you aren’t as good as us. Dont flatter yourselves.

  3. RueTheWiki

    Mind the gap…really? We finished one point behind you this year and we would’ve finished above you if Foster wasn’t such a shit GK. Why can’t Arsenal fans just admit that Tottenham are now just as good as Arsenal now.

    BTW just a general message to all Arsenal fans reading this: fuck off and watch your own videos.

  4. Scudeyyy

    Are you fucking deluded? You got raped 5-2 and came below us. You also scored fewer goals. So open your eyes and read this… Tottenham Hotspur are the second best team in North London and have been so for 17 years.

  5. Scudeyyy

    You are actually so deluded its funny. 1994/5 was the last time Tottenham were above Arsenal in the League. Go check it if you want. In 1995/96 we came 5th. You came 8th. And ever since 1996/7 we have been in the top 4. You have only been in the top 4 twice and on both occasions we have been above you.
    In 2009/10 we came 3rd and you came 4th. In 2011/12 we came third again and this time you didn’t get CL haha!

  6. Scudeyyy

    17 years since you were above us in the league… Damn you’re getting delusional in that shadow, would’ve expected you to get that reference…

  7. MachineD24

    WOW your clever! You retards yeah Arsenal are best club in london they have best Striker in the league! YOU fool..I like Arsenal! Once a gunner always a gunner! 😉

  8. MachineD24

    Okay your the idiot! I think I’ve said this to over 10 replies! I stopped supporting Arsenal because I only knew 2 or 3 players,But those 2 r 3 players are my favourite players! Henry,V.Persie and Fabregas not Bale,Van Der Vaart or any of them so to you and everyone else who has criticised me over this…FUCK YOU! 🙂

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