1. ramsey james

    redknapp obviously didnt try last season in the europa but AVB qon the europa with porto and i think spurs will win it next season
    spurs 12/13 europa league champions !!!!

  2. GamingDepartment

    i also watch your videos daily ! it gets me pumped and so happy to see my beloved team 🙂 cant wait for the next season but im so sad for harry he could’ve stayed 🙁

  3. littlebigbrain

    You obviously like a criminal owning your club. Stealing money off the Russian people and spending it on wages & transfer fees your fan base cannot support. When you were in the old 2nd division and only 14,000 people turned up for home matches and your great hero was Dixon where were you then.

  4. littlebigbrain

    The sadest thing about Spurs is the people who own it are totally unwilling to invest to win & build a ground that can match Man United near 80,000 capacity. Sugar turned them into the Amstrad of the Premier League & the current owners are doing no better. Spurs are a huge club as was attested to by the fact that they achieved record attendances in the 1st Division in 1960-61 when all other clubs attendances where falling. I was one of the 70,000 thar turned up for the 81 FA cup final replay.

  5. IVIL1947

    No they are not sunshine,they just don`t have truck loads of dodgy notes ,just a dream,but watch out,that will come,and like all the bl…y rest you`ll wish you were on the bandwagen.Fifty years a supporter and never a day wishing I wasn`t.

  6. 97laze

    he’s a European Champion you are 4th place but still no CL for you ahahahahah that can happen only to a crap team like Spurs ahhahahaha ahahhahahaha ahahhahahaha a hahahahahahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhahahahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahhaha going down spurs hahaha

  7. PeteN14LDN

    do you not have better things to do? If i spent my time looking up arsenal videos and pointing out the downfalls of the club over the last few years, id look at myself, think fuck me, i am one sad man.

  8. callumbennett95

    no belive. no glory.
    believe and the glory will come.
    arsenal, chelsea, man unted and city also west ham, have no believe. therefore have no glory. to get glory they had buy it.
    spurs fans see the glory in the past, present and futue.

  9. Rweavz

    I hate all these stupid fans who think spurs are just a small club. Wev’e always been a great club,great fans, great players. We have had so much bad luck over the years, things just not gone our way… One day, it’s all going to change, maybe not now… But Arsenal,Chelsea,others… The power of london is shifting… WATCH OUT!

  10. yidvids2

    You mug. We now know how Chelsea felt for 100 years until they bought everything with Russian money. Judging by your spelling you’re probably not old enough to remember though. Idiot.

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