1. Vitaldeath242

    I started supporting spurs after the 2010 world cup due to rafa moving cause i supported holland in the WC and i really loved it, so i picked spurs as rafa is my fav player and harry is the only manager i kno and have loved altho if we get blanc i could be ok with that but, the ending of this vid when harry says tottenham is his team i get choked up

  2. yidvids2

    Me too, I wish there was a season review video for 2003/4 or any other year before he took over because we would be able to compare the difference. These Harry years have been the 3 best years of my Spurs supporting life. I hope Harry going doesn’t bring that to an end! COYS

  3. smokingpott

    Mate i Love watching all your vids, can see them all day long. COYS lets hope for fucking great season next year and hope Harry luka, bale, and rafa all stay. Great vid, and keep up the work man 🙂 COYS!

  4. yidvids2

    As much as I hate you and your club the first part of your comment did make me laugh! Decent words fella, I think you might be the only gooner to date who is humble enough to understand what happened to Spurs this season. p.s I hate Fulop

  5. abdubins

    we just need to keep all our players plus buy vertonghen and one prolific striker then we can compete for the premier league even; we lost alot of games we shouldnt have this year and everyone knows we can!

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