1. Est.1886

    1-0, 2-0, 0-1 all in favour of the Arsenal. 4-0 aggregate score. We just
    clean swept Spurs like dirty scum under our shoes! Go on watch your Bale
    vdeos! Your 110M team is useless as a wet sock! 

  2. Arsene Knows Best

    Soldado – 26M waste
    Lamela – 30M waste
    Paulinho – 17M waste

    But don’t worry you still have Adebayor! ahhaahahhahahaha

  3. Arsene Knows Best

    New Army – Same results! Who’s enjoying the 6-0 raping? The end commentary
    was golden – “Spurs haven’t been beaten, they have been DESTROYED!!!”

  4. tspc2186

    Has anyone noticed that this Arsene Knows Best fuck IMMEDIATELY responds to
    each and every comment on his sad ass, pitiful channel? I can just picture
    him: sitting as his computer with 5 monitors, in his underwear, empty
    Chinese take away containers all over the place, hasn’t showered in weeks,
    jacking off to Arsehole Wenger, Ozil, Rosicky and the rest of the scum
    sucking Arseholes!!! No job (because who else has this mountain of free
    time on their hands), keyboard warrior LOSER FUCK!!!!!! Go fuck off back
    to your asshole buddies back at the Emirates jackoff: WE ARE TOTTENHAM
    FROM THE LANE!!!!!!!!! COYS!!!!!!! FOYS!!!!!!

  5. Grant Wiseman

    i really wish we would fucking try a lamela eriksen combination in the
    midfeild… i love paulihno but think about how many chances at goal we
    would get with those two

  6. ruben bakcsi

    Chrirches is the best 🙂 I remember the game between steaua and ajax 🙂 so
    yeah well done to him 🙂 and well done to Spurs for buying him!!!

  7. maximus100x

    i have faith that lamela will turn out to be class eriksen is class and
    chiriches looks good im not sure about the rest tho

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