1. morlar

    What I see are lot of excellent players, but no silverware. Redknapp did good for us, not great, just what to be expected for someone given such an excellent squad.

  2. MrVidasex

    Look man,this conversation have no sense,I just have no idea how to make you clear that sacking Redknap,giving job to AVB is all wrong,everything you say is totally wrong…so this conversation is over from my side,let’s wait for a season to start begin,then we gonna see who is wright…bye.

  3. LuisY2aj

    See what Porto won in 2011 with Andre,if even Mourinho was sacked by Abramovich,and in Andre way of playing there is no CAM,just one defense midfielder and two centre midfielders,like the trio will be Sandro,Parker and a new player to replace Modric,and by the way i already seen that you are a van der vaart fanboy.
    And I´m a real Spur,and this year was the best time to change,Harry was good,but the last six months were just horrible,and was a shame after such a good start fail the top three.

  4. MrVidasex

    Look man,I don’t care if you are Portuguese,I am Serbian and I wouldn’t like to see any of Serbian coaches on Tottenham bench,because I think that they are not capable to take team like this…so man,keep support FC Porto or maybe call back AVB if you love him.You say that he wants to sell a key player in the team,Rafael van der Vaart because of money for new players,you think that someone else can replace him on CAM position?You are very wrong and you are not a real suporter of Tottenham,bye.

  5. LuisY2aj

    Besides a Tottenham supporter I am portuguese and I am also a Porto supporter,the club were AVB have so much sucess,he´s very good,and on Spurs he will have better support by the direction and the players that screw him on Chelsky, we will end on top 4, I am sure.
    He wants to sell VDV because he don´t fit on the new tatic,wre the midfielders have to also deffend, VDV is a great player,but have a lot of injuries and will give us money to spend very quality players.
    Have faith man!!!

  6. Deviantcookie

    Also AVB is very tactical trainer and loves to play attacking and silky football and that something Chelsea absolutely don’t play and they just couldn’t switch to his style of play because he didn’t have the time or the younger players who will work hard for their place.

  7. Deviantcookie

    van der Vaart wasn’t key to our success because the season we got CL football he wasn’t even with us. van der Vaart is a great player but lacks fitness and condition he can also make problems in the dressing room if he doesn’t get what he wants.

    The reason why AVB flopped at Chelsea was because there are some star players who didn’t want to get sold by him so they made problems and didn’t listened to what he said. They didn’t like him because he wanted to make the squad younger.

  8. MrVidasex

    With idiot like is AVB we can’t go neither to top 4,let alone to something better of that…He wasn’t capable to do something good at Chelsea,even if he had a millions and millions pounds to make team stronger and in addition one of best squad in the league…with all of that he just came to 6th position in the premier league!Now he want to sell van der Vaart which waas key to our succes under Redknap,it’s very,very sad people,very…..

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