1. hxcteenagekicks

    Oh definitely, it wouldn’t be spurs if it didn’t hurt sometimes. That’s what makes the highs so great. But so many fans seem to have forgotten all the former heartache, they think we should be disappointed with a top four finish and that’s ridiculous. Can’t wait for next season, i’d rather be on an emotional rollercoaster than the continuous round trip of the m25 that woolwich get to experience over and over.

  2. MrHarrisinho

    brilliant vid again EJ shame about the eend of the season but theres nothing we can do about that spurs’ aim was fourth and spurs finished fourth so it was a good season but no champions league 🙁 looking forward to next season COYS

  3. TheAkon1996

    Hello, im from Switzerland, so my english isn’t so good.
    I think that was a really good season, i was in london to see tottemnham vs. arsenal.
    Thats was fucking awesome.
    Unfortunatly (<.--- is this rigth 😀 )) that we don't play CL in the next season, because of chelsea wins. Sooo, i hope you're know what i mean, and understand my english ;))

  4. MegaCOYS

    I no that, I’m spurs through and through season ticket holder, the whole shibang, but it came no suprise to me that we did this when we could have easily had 3rd, it’s because we are spurs, and that is the beauty of us, you never know whats comming next, look at Arsenal, they may be 3rd but what a boring season, they build on nothing, with spurs its pure magic, keep coming back for more, i cant express my love for this team <3

  5. hxcteenagekicks

    Fuck no we didn’t. 4th place, 1 pt behind 3rd and same goal difference, Hell even with 20mins left of the season we were in 3rd. We got unlucky and had one hell of a nasty blip but we’re still spurs, we still finished in the top 4. We are Tottenham, Super Tottenham!

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