1. cj55551

    Fairly happy with AVB as manager. Had an amazing stint at Porto and once again Chelsea ruined a world class manager. Dont think Harry should have gone but we have to move on and build for the future

  2. Koolkidscoot91

    its between modrics against liverpool, bales against city and walkers against arsenal for me. picked those 3 just for the significance of the goals. modrics goal seemed to lift everything off his shoulders after the transfer debacle. bales brought us back into the game and at that point we were pushing for the title, were unlucky to lose that game and i wont mention what happened with a certain italian. and walkers…. well its against the big rival aint it. COYS!

  3. CureEclipse7

    hard to pick, all goals have good enough reason to be goal of the season, walker free kick – WE NEVER SCORE FREE KICKS 😀 , modric liverpool – absolute beauty but the best thing about about that goal for me was his celebration, grabbing the badge, just after all the chelski transfer bullshit, great vid as always

  4. robspence19

    Great video, my fave has to modric goal against Liverpool the way he hit it first time and to end up in the top corner. Just brilliant skill

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