1. Thelightofmylife

    wow you are so worng. every barca,Liverpool and Milan fan will tell you how worng are you. Valdez have better defencer so he do nothing in games… when puyol or pique does a mistake usually it’s a goal. no one can say one bad word about iker because he is the best in the world and barca sorry for it every day.

  2. ikercasillas76

    This is why real madrid is my favorite team and the best taem in La Liga, UEAFA champions Liga, UEAFA super cup and so on and so fourth

  3. LukeESP94

    at home madrid should play Casillas-Ramos,Varane,Pepe,Marcelo-Alonso,Di Maria,Ozil-Ronaldo,Benzema,Higuain- against everyteam apart from barcelona and then away from home Casilla-Diarra,Ramos,Pepe,Coentrao-Alonso,Khedira.Ronaldo,Ozil,Di Maria-Benzema- and I think that they would be even better marcelo is a liability when he has to defend alot so dont always play him and benzema offers more than higuain so play him away from in thight matches

  4. 809Alan

    Ok.. so.. let me write something.. this 2 – 6 win for Real Madrid is a big win, i’m a fan of Madrid, i like barça except i don’t like Iniesta, and Messi. im not like those people that like big teams, from La Liga BBVA i like Sevilla, Valencia, and Athletic Club de Bilbao, i really dont like how you people are making fun of Sevilla because they lost 6 – 2 to a SUPERIOR team. read Sevilla’s and other La Liga’s history and you will see how great they are.

  5. crizpy9119

    i dont even remembering saying that. i usually dont come on and talk shit at other vids, i don’t like the shit talking. so i take it all back. i was having a bad day that day. my bad.

    Real is an awesome team, I have a lot of respect for them. And Barcelona is the best in the world (in my opinion) !


  6. MrBillets

    lol we dont respect barca…u r the one whos on real madrid video and start talking shit… if barca fan dont come h8 on our vids nothing would happen but u guyz r not respecting us madrid fan…u can say that when a madrid fan h8 on barca vid but here u can prove ur point…so GTFO!

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