1. TabBobby

    ima a barcelona fan and a fan of football … and its too bad he won’t be playing for the Rossoneri
    he really gave it all at his time there… if he does decide to hang up his boots i thank him in advanced for the fighting spirit he gave milan and the italian national side!

  2. TheDoctor46vr

    My Favourite 🙁 I can’t go for Milan without maldini nesta pirlo gattuto and pippo 🙁 unbelievable. Allegri you break 1 up they all go. Only seedorf left. who’s suppose to leave

  3. gsmazy

    I am an Arsenal fan but since I’ve been following football and building my knowledge on it I have grown to admire Gattuso. I love his passion and never ending desire. Whenever I play football I try to play like him. I hope he plays a season or two and show his qualities for the last time. Hope the best for you Rino!

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