1. ninoalvardo9

    congrats on bayern win they deserved it.they fought for 120 mins of intense football and converted most of there penalty kicks.good luck at munich in front of your own fans from a real madrid fan

  2. hectormusic111

    Fantastic match… World Class Players from both teams.

    Madrid with Ronaldo, Ozil, Benzema, Higuain, Casillas, Kaka, Marcelo, Alonso..

    Bayern with Robben, Ribery, Gomez, Lahm, Schwienstieger, Neuer, Muller, Kroos..

    It’s no wonder why they both canceled each other out and went to penalties. Even the statistics show that they had near exact shots, possession etc.

  3. elviss6783

    Bayern vs. Real Madrid 2 of the best teams in Europe. Im a Bayern fan. But best of luck to Real Madrid great 2 matches they played. Bayern came out on top. It was a deserved victory, both clubs had chances to put it away. Penalties 50/50. next season Real wins it all

  4. Fefesk82

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