1. yohavlik

    it’s an investment, not stupid spending. If they get 1M visitors per year, they’ve got their money back after 2-3 years if you calculate an average of 400$ spent per person, which could be quite realistic.

  2. Nick Natsidis

    i ‘m a barca fan but congratulations to real for this idea. i admire the marketing in football and this idea is the best for a team which has a lot of money. congrats again

  3. GabrielaOnTheRocks

    Que grande es el Real Madrid!! me acabo de comprar una camiseta de CR9 en su tienda online, y con un descuento que he sacado de una web, memimo.es, chupate esa floren! XD

  4. Xiroi87

    I’m not taking PRIDE in anything, I’m not even a Real Madrid fan, I was just stating a fact: Real Madrid is a brand, a successful one, and it’s marketed as such. Same thing with Barça btw.

    I can’t see the problem in acknowledging the FACT that big teams are no longer mere sports clubs. Whether I think that’s a good idea or not is a different issue, and certainly NOt what I’m discussing here. Hope this is clearer now.

  5. Mongosm

    this has nothing to do with football…

    and no real fanboys – it would be embarrasing for all clubs in the world… doesn’t matter if Barca, ManU, Bayern or someone else…

  6. osman2793

    While Spain is experiencing a 22 percent unemployment, biggest debt in the eurozone,44 percent youth unemployment, restricted spending by the eu, here you have a spanish football club spending like crazy in a foreign land. instead of investing their money in spain, from which most of their revenues come from, they decided to build a resort instead of helping their country. SHAME ON YOU REAL MADRID!! SHAME!

  7. BarcaFury

    Congrats on taking 1 game and evaluating everything on it. How about we take the last 4 years and based things on that. RM were the better team last night. RM fans also prove they are retards, every night.

  8. oooooGIOooooo

    younger players yes..so what?, they suck!…old and experienced is better than young and stupid just take barca vs real yesterday for el classico as an example…ok thank u

  9. oooooGIOooooo

    like thts gonna ever happen..be realistic, ppl are selfish..nd like always poor ppl always r poor nd rich ppl r gonna continue to figure out plans to keep on gaining more money

  10. AF1J

    this is a stupid fucking idea. i can understand the love for futball as one thing… but investing $1bil to capitalize on that?… fuck that. Go spend that $1bil on the poor starving kids who DESERVE a chance to survive and more over be safe + educated.

  11. 007FIREN

    I am a big RM fan but i can’t believe that they’ve sold the little cross on the top of the crest to the arabs..shame on the administration who allowed that, it is everything about the money these days!!!!!

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