1. FreShDoGZ

    Talking about IQ out of one little comment rather explains yours.
    As I said many other clubs made even more and better players big, Bayern is not outstanding for making small players worldclass. not robben nor ribery came as small players we both know that. Gomez has no worldclass technique we both know that.

  2. FreShDoGZ

    ribery came as small? robben came as small? hmm I think those are even the best players bayern ever had. …so who really came as small? Gomez? He is still awkward on the ball. Ballack? He had a good time but not enough to say in general players came small and made history. You find that on many other clubs even much much more.

  3. alsaffar1986

    stfu mr.so Serious

    bayern, buyern , not a fucking important >>>  the most important thing is cheslea fucked u so hard looooooooooooool

  4. alsaffar1986

    at least we  got the la liga with 100 point …!!!

    what about ur stupid bayren ???

    3 times fucked up looooooooooool & dortmond fucked nuer so hard loooooooool

    5555555555555 😛

  5. KelPereiraify

    Vocês já viram o vídeo Palladium Mor ?
    Palladium Mor me ajudou muito.
    Seja qual for sua necessidade, conheça Palladium Mor.
    É muito bom mesmo.

  6. SpLaSh4pPLe

    well bayer vs madrid 3:1 you loser.. chelsea was at ther final so shitty like not ever … you are a loser.. fucking english fucka.. i dont like england all fat ladies 🙂

  7. alsaffar1986

    madrid deserve a panalty at the last of match ” nouer and graniro ”
    &  chelsea was the best team in c.l

    viva madrid the champions of spain …. viva chelsea the champions of europe

    & buyren is the big loser loooooooooooool

  8. thaRealShady1

    for all real fans talking shit about bayern bayern beat them and they deserved it because they were better in munich and they were at the same level in madrid
    and they totally dominated chelsea in the final chelsea never had a chance but they were too dumb to get a goal so it’s there own fault

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