1. 007LuisFigo

    Every single team in the world has its lows and highs, Real Madrid is a legendary, winning team but they too have had their falls. Bayern played well, and that proves that they’re a good team but they have also been defeated before. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Point is…get over it.

  2. DumbassAdult

    Yeah it’s clear that you are fucking lowlife abortion with a ton of shit in its mouth that can’t prove anything & just talking shit to feel proud) Once again, how old r u?)

  3. DumbassAdult

    Ahahaha I missed you little faggy comment) Its always funny that bitches like you turn the situation around and bring no arguements) You really don’t feel how fucking stupid you look? How old are you?)

  4. 07ALeXLoPez07

    exactly bayern missed, in soccer the team that scores wins, first leg was bayern’s the second was madrids because they scored and cristinao ronaldos goal has nothing todo with this he was alone and that was the defense fault. if u play soccer u shud know that penalties are a lottery anyone can win.


    Lol you guys are pathetic. Fighting over soccer and making it personal. I could give less a shit who’s better they’re both really good teams.

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