1. ArmadaRanger

    You’re wrong, Valencia CF was 10 points below Barça the whole season, it was not until the end that Valencia CF stopped trying because they had no chance, that’s when  Barça got 30 points above. This season there were four different leaders throughout the year; Betis, Valencia, Barça, and R.Madrid. Competition keeps growing, is just that Barça and Madrid would do this in any league, not just in La Liga. Take them to any other league and see what happens.

  2. trudon

    barca finished 30 points above valencia…la liga is not competitive at all. madrid and barca win 9 out of 10 games they play. it keeps growing in terms of who is challenging for 3rd and 4th not the title.

  3. ArmadaRanger

    If it was that easy, Barcelona wouldn’t have lost 9 points. The competition in La Liga just keeps growing more and more, I would love to see any team from the Premier League try to win La Liga, it would surely be funny.

  4. QGfk1

    Silva would be competing with Özil and Kaká for a spot in attacking midfield; it’s a total waste to have 2 quality players sitting on the bench. Honestly, I think the smartest acquisition Madrid could make would be a new right midfielder; Di Maria is excellent but unless Mourinho really favors him I think Madrid could do better with the cash they have. Khedira is the perfect compliment to Xavi Alonso, with him dropping into a more defensive role, and really proved himself in Euro 2012

  5. ACis0014

    We need a CM that matches Alonso’s ability. I like Khedira, but he just isn’t there yet and right now is a different type of player than Alonso. David Silva? We need someone than can hold the ball against Barcelona and Bayern and can create some magic with excellent passing or shooting. David Silva!

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