1. SuperSpurs112

    Ok you are obviously inbred you don’t have a clue what you are talking about go and support Man Utd or something. “Trying to impress you” wow you must be a crack baby or something you have watched Tottenham for three years you don’t have a clue go to bed little boy.

  2. SuperSpurs112

    Not when you play a high line which we will next season because that’s what AVB does, remember how bad Terry was when he played a high line and Dawson is on the same speed level as Dawson. Dawson will be caught out all a time but we don’t have to worry about that because he is 4th choice CB anyway. (THANK GOD).

  3. jeffersonbait

    We will. The good thing is that there are certainly some good players at that position. I’m really excited to see how much Caulker gets to play, as he seems to be the real deal.

  4. SuperSpurs112

    Are you Dawson love child? Because everyone who knows anything about Tottenham knows Dawson will not be not be a first choice CB next season we have a least three better CB’s. Vertonghen and Kaboul will be the first choice CB’s and Caulker on the bench.

  5. SuperSpurs112

    I expect a Tottenham fan to know he isn’t why didn’t he get in the team when he was fit last season then If he is better then Kaboul? Your opinion is wrong face it.

  6. SuperSpurs112

    I think you need to learn a bit more you obviously have never watched Tottenham in your life because Dawson is not a very good player at all and I guarantee if Vertonghen/Kaboul get injured it will be Caulker taking his place not Dawson. And you even saying Kaboul will get dropped for Dawson is sick you should be ashamed of yourself.

  7. SuperSpurs112

    You don’t have a clue you fucking idiot he will be 4th choice CB for sure, Vertonghen and Kaboul will be starting against Newcastle and Caulker will be back up for next season. Dawson is a terrible player I would rather see Bassong next season over Dawson plus we will play a high line next season and Dawson is the slowest player we have so he won’t play at all.

  8. GamingDepartment

    no dawson goes either right after kaboul or even ahead of him i doubt it but he’s a great CB better than gallas bass and caulker … dumbass learn more about the players in the club u support

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