1. clare953

    the only way to beat real madrid is to double team ronaldo, benzema and kaka, dont let this three get the pass of the ball, dont let this three receive ball from their teammates, dont gave this three the chance to touch the ball with their feet. dont let this three have easy access to the net to score. Just give this three hard time receiving, scoring and passing the ball,

  2. caucrime

    then he speaks of the German public I died laughing, if a player he had manshaft that ribery is made ​​with a team of France World Cup 2010 (to strike not want to train) the German spit on him too! yes in France we do not like ribery this guy is a shit we endure marseille we hate even more! it’s a motherfucker motherfucking shit this mix between Chuky and scarface!

  3. caucrime

    he has simply not give a fuck because he is a mercenary if he done much whistling is not for nothing … he wanted a lyon (when he was barely an Anne has marseille) it is even pass tv newspaper, requesting transfer … are then left to bayerne that this year does not play the Champions League when we do, he went just for the money

  4. caucrime

    les marseillais te baise ta race incrediblestan on va niquer ta mere sur la cannebiere !!!!!!! va sucer cette salope de traitre de ribery se suceur ne nazi allemend on le baise allez l’om !

  5. OneTallGinger

    you didnt say shit about him.. only america.. you are an IGNORANMOUS. AND ARE FUCKNIG HATING FOR NO REASON…………. this would be a more suitable comment …

    Hey rick, i think you and or tyt should hire someone who knows more about the sport at hand.. your lack of knowledge in soccer has shown in the dislike bar, perhaps if you had someone who knew more about soccer people would enjoy this more. … see you fuck its not that hard to give constructive feedback

  6. OneTallGinger

    why are you so fucking negative.. the sport you love is all over the world.. its not YOUR sport or YOUR countries sport its the worlds sport.. its the one place where peace can be established. so kindly fuck off

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