1. TheMadnessism

    Im Portuguese and i have to agree with you, however i would like to see CR playing with this team if he was borned sametime as fig, zidane etc he would learn so much with em.
    But i understand, if i heard all the time when i play “Messi” i would get pissed off LOL.

  2. RRRobynHD

    for example “brazilian ronaldo” is still record holder of all times, with 15 goals, in one worldcup..he won the woldcup twice.. he scord over 400 goals in his career… world foodball player of the years 1996, 1997, 2002 .. etc etc 😛

  3. Compendyum

    Ronaldo was a legend already at age 24 when he broke the english goal record that last half century, did the same at 26 in spain. Brazilian Ronaldo? excelent player of course, many memorable moments in inter fc and others, but light years beyond cr7.

  4. M10663

    lol only cared about parties?i woyld love to see c ronaldo even attemt to play football after going through what rnaldo ahd to go through.you cant compare a good footballer like ronaldo to a legend like rnoaldo

  5. M10663

    since when did goals tell you evrything?idiot c ronaldo hasnt got his technique or skills.c ronaldo skills are a joke and are so cringeworthy.they hardly ever get past people unless they are shit teams and he needs a apthetic amount of shots to actually score.look at the portugal demark game for example.oh and how many goals did zidane score?exactly

  6. pedrobalo1

    What ? Ronaldo is playing in Portugal since his 18 year old and Figo don’t.
    And who say Ronaldo will do 5 more goals by Portugal in his career ? You don’t know the future !

  7. p2pskaterboy14

    Big difference! Figo is so much older then Ronaldo and he played much more years in Portugal and only scored 32 goals in his career for Portugal?
    I guess we can tell who is the best one, Ronaldo :).

  8. 1989miyagi

    yes he did but not as much as Figo and he kept getting better in man utd and real madrid but not in the portugal team.i think he isnt the best, but he is the top5 definitely.I prefer teamplayers than individualists,and cristiano is an individualist.I dont know why figo change,its a surprise also for me! i watched both players played in Portuga,i can say the first option of figo was mostly pass to a teamplayer than drible, the contrary with cristiano ronaldo. In portugal, figo better than ronaldo

  9. p2pskaterboy14

    Ronaldo started showing up about 2 years after the euro 2004, and don’t tell me Ronaldo haven’t done anything for Portugal since then, cause he did, and he kept being better since the years passed in there, he is now the best player in there right next to Nani.
    So you’re saying players now play for money and Figo didn’t? Dude Figo changed to Madrid for money, but anyways if it was only for money Ronaldo plays for, he wouldn’t be the best, and he is, in Portugal, Madrid or anywhere.

  10. 1989miyagi

    wht? Ronaldo didnt do more than Figo in Portugals team,where did you see that?Pedrobalo1 said it all,the motivation of Figo wasn’t personal(beat records of goals and presences)but to give goals,great passes and always played for the team.Do you remember a game where Figo started to discuss with a teammate?cause i remembered one of cristiano( against spain ). Nowadays everyone has the values wrong and they just want money, instead of playing for the country proudly!its PORTUGAL not cristiano+10

  11. Compendyum

    He scored more then 140 in la liga, close to 120 in man utd, so i dont know what you mean there. The brazilian ronaldo gothis ass fired because he was fat, and he only cared about party and bitches, like ronaldinho, and many others.

  12. 1989miyagi

    wtf?!?!? you brought messi to the conversation??!?! It’s not obligatory when we talk bad of cristiano ronaldo to talk after about messi. Forget messi ( for good or bad reasons)!

  13. p2pskaterboy14

    Actually, Ronaldo did alot more then Figo in Portugal, Ronaldo took Portugal to the group stage this year, he scored so many goals in Portugal, Figo? didn’t even score half og the goals Ronaldo scored in Portugal, there’s a reason Ronaldo is the best player in the world, there’s a reason Portugal has been having alot of success. Ronaldo is the reason, and i hope he stays in Portugal for more years to come, because he is the best player Portugal ever had.

  14. Kardona2021

    If Ronaldo not the best Português Shake That A So many Records with Real Madrid Say And As If An avid Many Players Portuguese Buenos but only three are the Best – Cristiano Ronaldo -The Black Panther -Luis Figo But Are They The Best Christian None As: $

  15. pedrobalo1

    Claro que concordas, todos os Portugueses sabem o que Figo ajudou á nossa Selecção, bem mais que o Ronaldo.
    Every Portuguese know what Figo helped to Portugal and he helped Portugal more than Ronaldo.
    Also, Figo allways thinked in help the team, Ronaldo allways think in do one goal, and that’s the difference, Figo plays with the heart and Ronaldo with his capacity.

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