1. 71karoli

    I love Bill Nick but I think Arthur Rowe should be held in similarly high esteem.
    He aws born in Tottenham, supported them as a boy, captained and managed the team. He brought the Hungarian short ball game to England – a playing style that became the signature of the great team of 49-51. His influence remains – the long ball game is still mot welcome at the Spurs.
    His reaction to Motson’s final question is really quite moving.
    Statue of Arthur at the new stadium please.

  2. UKsamboy1979

    God bless Arthur Rowe, the question at the end wherer Motty asks him what the club means to him, he is choked up. I just wish a few of our current players would feel that same love, pride and passion that is felt by EVERY Spurs fan, past and present! His answer got to me too, made me a proud yido!

    We need Champs League this season boys, COYS!

  3. wickedtonguemusic

    I remember watching this in a pub in Pulborough, and the landlord switched channels. Fucking hell, I made sure he switched back fucking quick.

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