1. iEditStuf

    Nahh, people have done the maths and calculated the top speeds, Walcott is quicker. However I think Bale utilises his speed a lot better. Could not see Walcott doing what Bale did vs Inter

  2. 1971stratocaster

    hahhah bit awkward for you… Bale is staying at tottenham you idiot… and real madrid want modric with two players in exchange with 20 million hahahah

  3. nebulaaah

    No, he is not the fastest. But he combines speed with power which make him an utter beast when he runs with the ball. Much like greasy Ronaldo, it pains me to say.

  4. 1971stratocaster

    NO ONE WANTS TO BUY VALENCIA AND YOUNG. barcelona want bale and i dont even see for a second chelsea, City, AC milan, Real.M offerening Anything for them both but everyone wants bale and modric… nothing to say to that

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