1. PalikNT

    i Think Cassanos stamina is so low because he got that heart surgery.
    When you wacthed the Italy team play, he allways get subed in like 60-70 min because hes heart cant take it.

  2. pretttyboiswag13

    For the people that wanted to see Manchester United there is some guy doing it called truly artsy and he is actually not bad i found him searching for a vid. I think his channel is new ,but he is actually pretty good and i like his style of commentating. He is doing manchester united career mode so for those who wante dot see that check his vid out search the channel truly artsy his channel will come up.


    Ah ok so don’t judge him by what he’s done lately just judge him from earlier in the season when he was just adapting. Plus the united defenders ha given up and they where paying offensively. And I’m taking about fifa by the way. 😀

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