1. MNcomps

    Goodbye Chelsea! Welcome Milan. It wasn´t always easy at Chelsea, but
    Fernando helped Chelsea to win 2 titles. He always gave his best, but it
    just didn´t worked in the Chelsea team. Now it´s a new chance to show the
    world your talent, to show the world who the real Torres is. Let´s do this!
    Wish you all the best Fernando!
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  2. Sticky man

    Wasn’t a bad player, just didn’t reach is heights at Liverpool. Scored some
    goals against big teams such as Arsenal, Man utd, Man City, Barcelona,
    Atletico and Bayern Munich. Missed a few sitters, but even Messi and
    Ronaldo miss those. Wish him all the best and thank you for all the good
    memories, particularity winning the corner for Drogba’s goal.

  3. Ado CFC

    Hopefully the El Nino we’ve all grown up to love watching, returns to his
    best! He is back in the color red after all !! :)

  4. Hamza talal

    He is back in the color red !! MNCOMPS has to make loads of videos with the
    amount if goals TORRES scores !! Lets go EL NINO !!

  5. sanshirou kabu

    Im really sad his gone. But it’s hard for him to play in Chelsea
    squad.There’s Costa and Drogba.
    I Wish you can do the best in Series A
    He’s back to red after a hard days with blue
    Atletico Madrid – red
    Liverpool – red
    and now AC Milan – red

  6. Lorenzo Faraoni

    He was so good, i really hope that he’ll find himself again at Milan.
    Great video MN! :)

  7. ForzaBlade

    i hate our club for being blues, i was always a Torres fan but i will still
    remain a Chelsea fan but El Nino, please prove us wrong u legend :’)

  8. AleXoo7Prod

    Now matter what’s happened to him he is the best striker in the world, he
    had a difficult times when he joind Chelsea especially when Jose became a
    Chelsea manger on 2013/14, for me his best season was 2012/13 when he
    helped Chelsea won the UEFA Europa League. I wish him the best in AC Milan,
    one of the biggest clubs in Italy, he’s gonna be much stronger believe me

  9. Hodei Alcantara

    Va a volver a demostrar al mundo entero que es de los mejores delanteros
    del mundo y el mejor de España, el Milán volverá a la gloria

  10. Allround Ard.

    well i’m a chelsea fan but also a big torres fan. I felt bad as i first
    heard that he will leave chelsea but now he play for milano and i hope he
    will score as many goals as possible. I can’t wait to see him back to
    chelsea after the 2 Years on loan and hopefully he will be than a much more
    better Striker with much more confident. Sometimes i watched the chelsea
    games just beacause of torres playing . So, good look torres and see you
    again in chelsea :)

  11. TheKodiii (formerly TellehTubbeh)

    Great video once again mate, you’re my favourite football youtube channel!

    Yeah he had such a tough time, but when he scored, he scored well and I
    think 90% of people were happiest when he scored, something about his
    celebrations always made him smile.

  12. Peerapat Morioka

    Fernando Torres 2007-2010 live team Liverpool 2011-2013 live team Chelsea
    2014 live team AC Milan

  13. Tomas Kavanagh

    Wish you the very best nando…atletico pool milan….all red…milan u got
    a gem…he’l open up for ye…chelsea b*****ds almost f***ed him up….
    Pool should still have him and suarez…wouldnt that be a scary partnership

  14. Aslander94

    I really hope he will find again the joy to play and score goals. If he
    does he will surely return The Real Torres! 

  15. Ian Regueiro

    Bye torres, I will miss you, I hope you make a good season in milan, and
    probably i will see you with a blue shirt again. Good luck!!

  16. ScottishGaming

    Goodbye Torres hoped you would have stayed but good luck for the future EL
    NIÑO !! – a very sad chelsea fan 

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