1. memphisxtreme

    At 1:09 it just shows he has not lost his speed. 1:59 he still can cut the ball better than any other player. Torres the man. Screw these haters. You have proved yourself to everyone that you are still the best.

  2. FernandoTorres4Lyf

    He moved from Atleti to Liverpool to accomplish dream of winning the Champions League. He was there for so long that he gave up. Moved to Chelsea, BAM! Mission accomplished. All he needs is a league trophy and he has one everything. Euro (twice) World Cup, Champions League and FA Cup.

  3. jlmarc01

    Anyone who claims it was a bad season for Torres is smoking bad weed, He is a winner all the way, No need to score 25+ goals. He is very special. Where are all the goals leaders at? at home wishing they had a season like Torres. That is right!!!!!!!!!

  4. tonka998

    Never denied that fact, I think they’re both horribly overpriced signings. But in fairness, as I’ve said to others, Torres is the Golden Boot winner at the Euros so fair play to him! Hope he has a good domestic season actually, reckon he deserves it.

  5. tonka998

    It was a tap-in though… 😉 Nope, fair play to the guy, he’s proved me and others wrong by bagging the Golden Boot at the Euros and in fairness, he did finish the domestic season quite well. Was only a bit of banter before, don’t worry! 😛

  6. tonka998

    Fair play, and yeah, he’s gone and proved me wrong by bagging the Golden Boot at the Euros! Hope he has a good season next season actually, deserves it.

  7. tonka998

    Never denied that fact. And he’s proved me wrong by getting the Golden Boot at the Euros. Was only bantering on here, and you lot take it so seriously! Haha!

    (By the way, no need for the insults! Discussion is good, insulting is stupid.)

  8. Frits338

    What fan are you?? Because if you’re Liverpool fan, then we can tell about Carrol, Downing, and Henderson, who has played fantastic this season…. Think before you talk little friend…

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