1. ninoalvardo9

    casillas and cristiano both for fifa ballon d.or 2012!messi is amazing player and one of the best ever but making goals isnt the only thing to make you good.iker casillas had an amazing season with real madrid and cristiano too.they both had a good euro 2012;cristiano scored 3 goals and casillas only conced 1 goal.they both deserve cause they worked harder than anybody else.IMO i think casillas,cristiano,iniesta and pirlo should win not messi.i would be pissed off if fifa gives it to messi again

  2. TheRealfancr7

    same like u bro..i am a Cr7 fan..but i dont hate messi…messi is the world class player….thats really true that messi gets too much credit for Barcelona’s success..despite of there are so many creative player in Barca like Xavi and Iniesta.But why only messi get highlighted on every success of Barca..if messi fails nobody criticize him that much as of Cr7.Messi never been try to show ronaldo down to no.2..but the football world is against Ronaldo..why people jealous of Cr7’s success?Why??????

  3. liveitup83

    I think it goes both ways. I’m a CR7 fan … but I don’t particularly hate Messi … I like to think that they both push each other to be the best they could possibly be … however … Messi (great player but) gets too much credit for Barca’s success … if CR7 doesn’t get the Fifa Ballon D’or 2012 … it would be a crying shame.

  4. scolin18

    I hate bringing stuff up like this…but I have always noticed….Messi fans HATE Ronaldo….they talk mess about him….but Ronaldo fans DONT HATE Messi. Just something I noticed…what do you guys think?

  5. PTxGamiing

    This has got to be the best vidio going on.youtube mate, abalutaly brilliant just shows how much pressure is on CR 7 and how much of an impact he had made, in my mind hes the greatest footballer to ever live from 13 million.to 90 million and girst person ever in la liga to score more than 40 goals along side his man u acchivments and ronaldo sead himself compering him and messi is like a fararri to a porsh cristiano ronaldo dos santos aviero is the greatest player of all time

  6. liveitup83

    ditto … what the Spanish National Team has accomplished is truly remarkable … we are probably looking at the greatest team of all time … this is history in the making.

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