1. 1929GY

    Further more this was too long for my first comment: i also like Real Madrid more than Barcelona bc the kind Real plays football is more exciting and more spectacular in my opinion, Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Özil, Casillas, Khedira, Ronaldo also are in the list of the best players in the whole world ever, no discussion bout that. I just wanted to say that i like Messi MORE which doesnt mean that i hate Real Madrid itself. I also don’t like Robben and he plays in the team I am fan of.

  2. 1929GY

    Why are all these Real Madrid fans just not able to admit that there are also ppl that do not like Ronaldo. What is your problem with the opinion i gave here on youtube. I am not very good at keeping my mouth shut so i tell u what i think and i have the right to do it. and these insults like “cunt” or sth like that just show how unable to discuss all u guys are are not more than a satisfaction for me bc then i know that u have NO argument against my opinion.

  3. 1929GY

    You are soo stupid, you don’t need to know people personally to get an impression of their character. It’s called “The first impression” if u didnt know that so far!
    My 1st impression with Messi: quite sympathetic
    My 1st impression with “CR7”: very arrogant
    This is a thing u still have to learn for life and when you became cleverer than now we can continue this discussion, which isn’t rly one because i have my opinion and I won’t change it.

  4. iISM3II4N00B

    “Cristiano Ronaldo destroying FC Bayern Munich” …
    Yeah , i remember .. i cried tears .. of luck ;D
    He scored two goals but not more .. we won – that counts 😉
    but CR7 is still my favorite player .. Cristiano Ronaldo ♥

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