1. MrShiningbubblegum

    lol..fucking messi fappers disliking this goal like wild..haha..go fap on messi’s videos instead motherfuckers we won’t even bother watching those..

  2. UnboxingsEpic

    come on supercups?a 2 game tournament against teams from south america,mexico,asia…….those trophies are worthless,what matters are the big ones. messi scored 50 in la liga and i think 15 in the ucl. those are 65 out of like 72. 65 of his goals were worthless since in the end they didnt mean anything. cristiano had 46 goals that meant a title. im just saying. and before you start talking shit about me again,i admit last year cristiano had 47 worthless goals last season

  3. barcarrillo

    yea he didnt win SHIT but he did win TROPHIES. If i recall correctly the SuperCopa De Espana, Club World Cup, and UEFA SuperCup are titles and they are likely winners of the Copa Del Rey aswell. Last year they were level on goals with 53 but this year Messi has been a bit better than CR7

  4. UnboxingsEpic

    like mou said, messi goals were worthless because he didnt win shit and before you start talking shit to me cr7 goals were also worthless last season.messi scored all his goal after they were 10 points behind.messi only had 21 goals i believe while la liga was still a competition,before madrid took the 10 point lead.on febuary 19 a week after madrid had the 10 point lead messi started scoring worthless goals.and i agree the 12 ronaldo scored in the last 5 games last season were also worthless

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