1. taruncfc4eva

    Ive seen the zola magical free kick too..loved it
    Its the passion that counts. .not the geography
    Chelsea’s best player ever. .zola..is not english..so what?
    Why dont u have a problem with that..
    Pathetic when you wanna filter out yourselves as “true fans” and want us out of the blues faithful regime..

  2. GrkGamer27

    who cares where you are from… im from the US and ive loved the blues since 2002.Mind you im only a teenager but i was watching football on tv one day when i was little.I saw a man curve a freekick unlike anything i had ever seen.I asked my father who he was and he said this man was gianfranco zola. Sure nowadays its normal to see fk’s like that but i was little and thought it was cool. From that moment on i supported chelsea. Im not from west london but i still love chelsea with a passion.

  3. taruncfc4eva

    You fucka need to stop with the “support the team from where u belong” shit
    You west londoners are not the only ones who are passionate about the blues..
    have supported the blues since jimmy floyd hasselbaink days..
    Never cared if WE won or lost..
    Never cared for siverware..
    Had tears in my eyes when JT lifted his first fa cup..
    Had tears when we lost at manu..
    Had tears wen nando scored at barca..and didier won ua the cup..we love this club..dont be so narrow minded..

  4. TheWattsie1

    Livershit on channel 5….also on the history channel so this generation can see when they were a good team in England. Mwahahahahaha
    Watch the vid when we cheer at Your two min silence!! fuck hillbillysbourgh lol

  5. MrRza7

    some people have mentioned in the comments that one should only support the team from where you were born. you can’t support Chelsea when you are a
    American blah blah. Now that’s just childish, to put it mildly. How many English players are in the Chelsea team? where does the owner of the club come from. The top teams in these leagues are now global brands, the EPL, la liga, etc and their games shown all over the world.

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