1. OgFlatbread

    You cant be overrated if you’re underrated you daft mugg.. There is a reason Barcelona and arsenal wanted him. Been one of the best players of the new season…which you obviously aren’t watching.

  2. TheTallUltimateGamer

    Or maybe he wants to be part of a revolution which turns us into a top team, which we basically are and are only not in the Champions League due to a stupid rule.

  3. marleyman14

    Nothing but how much have Tottenham won in the last 10 years. If this player went to Chelsea or Man United or even City it would be understandable but he went to Tottenham a team which cant get champions league football…

  4. Amse94

    he is a pure player, he is a top professional lad i won’t deny that. Terry has a disgraceful behaviour even us Chelsea fans sometimes can’t stand it, but he is a top defender and there’s no denying that he gives it his all every game even when he had broken ribs.

  5. gardenpanda1

    Vertonghen is a pure player, he is class act. not sleeping with is mates ex wifes and spouting racist words and Black people. Terry is a chav. and Vertonghen is a top professional lad.

  6. gardenpanda1

    No point arguing with you, you’re deluded, and blinded by your love for a racist cunt. Terry is only good in the air, and saved englands ass ? haha he did fuck all. Parker and Gerrard where the reason for england making it through the group stages.and terry plays for a small club who would have been relegated if not for their sugar daddy’s mob money. he would have won fuck all then.

  7. Amse94

    i’m not living in the past… even now Terry is better than Ventronghen… the only reason why people criticize Terry now is because he is not as fast as he use to be so in counter attacks he won’t be able to do much. if Terry is way past it then how come he’s the one who saved England’s ass in the Euro 2012? plus give me another defender at the age of Terry who’s still a regular starter and the captain of his team in the PL. i’d love to see Ventroghen still be a regular starter at the age 31

  8. gardenpanda1

    that’s what im telling u, u are living in the past, Terry sure used to be a decent defender in the past, but we are in 2012 and in 2012 terry is past it. Vertonghen is a better defender than terry is now and not in 2004 u fool. live in the present not past.

  9. Amse94

    i watched the England vs Wales game live you tool… i was there, you just proved to me all you’re doing is talking trash. as if you’ve seen that game. the way you say John Terry is over-rated says about enough about how you barely see him play. oh wow big woop he won Eredivisie player of the year at the age of 25. that’s an accomplishment, but not for a world-class defender… Terry won defender of the Champions League at the age of 24 and Premier league player of the year.
    soo… ssshhhhhhhh

  10. gardenpanda1

    you blinded by your delusion that terry is still is good, Bale runs rings around terry,and he humiliated him when england played wales. Terry didn’t stop cavani, he scroe several times against chelsea and terry didn’t stop messi, The whole Chelsea team helped him, playing a 10-0-0 formation, and even then he struggled to keep a hold of him. Vertonghen was choosen Eredivisie player of the year, he is a overall better defender than terry. and he’s just so much more comfortable on the ball.

  11. Amse94

    Terry is past it? expalins why when England played against Wales, Gareth Bale feared Terry and did not attempt once to get past him as when he did try he found himself put to shame.Terry stopped Messi in the first leg of Barcelona, Terry stopped Cavani and Lavezzi.Terry may not be as fast as he use to be but he still is one of the best defenders in the world, fools like you say he’s not the same because when Chelsea play a high line they question whether John Terry will catch up with a speedster

  12. gardenpanda1

    Yeah how long ago was that ?? we are in 2012 you u daft cunt. Terry is past it, he only a shadow of his former self, today every player with a bit of skills can run rings around Terry.

  13. Amse94

    haha do you think i’m really as pathetic as you are? i have friends thank you, i have a life thank you, i have a fiancee thank you… you’re the one who needs to get some friends and a life kid, and much better you need to find a new sport to watch after proving you know very little about football and actually comparing a player with a great defender like John Terry. did you know that Ronaldinho said in an interview he the two defenders he struggled with was John Terry and Maldini?

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