good promo but im proud that my Chelsea done it beaten everyone that stood in our way in the champions league glad to be sharing Europe with you Germany.

  2. MrBananarama1000

    all bayern fans I know have said that it is a dream final against Chelsea just because they afraid of Barcelona, but in the end they lost even against their wishes opponent.

  3. RealHinduMadrid

    Im also madrista so what, but this isnt football anymore…euro 2012 was so boaring..you know why? because these motherfuckers are adopting the chelsea tactic, but im glad italy won against england, because england were playing like chelsea…lol

  4. sarghous117

    yeah but from a chelsea’s fan point of view,we got sick of the comments about chelsea losing against napoli,benfica,barcelon,bayern…. thats why im calling it rape. its on their own stadium…

  5. evillambo27

    not really, a victory on penalties is hardly raping, bayern played absolute shite, robben was absolutely dismal, chelsea did a good job though

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