1. MrMikerusty

    How short sighted. I’m not talking about just one season, in the last 7 years winning the Prem 3 times, FA cup 4 times and the CL. I’m not even going to bother listing our Carling Cup winnings because we are above that and thats all Liverpool have.

  2. olmanro

    i’m not a liverpool fan, but u cant be serious? u think its now chelsea’s time? winning the title, maybe they deserved it, but next year there is another cl winner, cause they dont play good football NOW.

  3. MissLittlePia

    grow up… you probably have german blood in you anyway 😉 that is an immature insult to many… anyway go worry about your economy not about the germans… theyre doing great.. < cant be so lazy then eh?

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