1. marsha fauzi

    for information, FIFA control the game.. whether you like it or not, normally result upset..
    look bayern more strong than dortmund, but FIFA will turn it to upset result.. dortmund gonna be champ due to their team seldom to reach final..

  2. Antonio Podunavac

    Wow Real Madrid CF vs Borussia was a cheat…
    It was supposed to be a penalty but a stupid german referee didn’t “SEE” it…

  3. Leo deLima

    Tiki Taka has become predictable, Real Madrid also beat Barca twice within a weak, so a strong team like Bayern destroying them doesn’t suprise me. And to be honest, I think Dortmund are better.
    Next year, the great spaniards will bounce back.

  4. pogorules15

    Madrid would have gotten destroyed by Bayern too. Maybe they would have scored one or two goals, and by “they” I mean Ronaldo.

  5. pogorules15

    Right, but see, they didn’t. They didn’t come back. Barca would have gotten raped by Bayern regardless of the injured players. Messi included in that, because Bayern are just too good now. And their gaining Mario Götze, there’s just no way Barca can contain that. The era of Spanish dominance has ended.

  6. Leo deLima

    Why are people saying german football has taken over Europe?
    First of all.. Barca has suffered many injuries this season, and Messi didn’t play in the 2nd leg. If they’d have used him, maybe a comeback could’ce happened.
    And for Dortmund, the only reason they won was because how bad Real Madrid played in the 1st leg, and we saw how they bounced back, and could have won if it wasn’t for those stupid mistakes they did.

  7. tony montan kingofsoccer

    At least r.Madrid won a game and nearly scored 3 goals where as barca didn’t do shit hala madriiiiiiiiiiid

  8. heberto lopez

    estaba buscando porno y me salio esto jajajajaja es que les pegaron una cogida

  9. cruziero15

    Even if he had played Schweinsteiger and Martinez would have ripped him apart like they did in the first leg.

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