1. bestadam650

    bayern lost da final cz of gomez he plyed crap but i ws supporting chelsea but bayern deserve to win and da manager gt muller of fr VAN BUYEN!! LOL

  2. XdmsT

    Robben got injured but he could still participate in the 2010 world cup. After the world cup Bayern stated that his injure became a lot worse and bayern was angry at the dutch for letting him play. To make up for it the parties organized a friendly match in Bayern stadium.

  3. PartyPooperX

    Yeah he was still injured but could still play with special training but with the risk to make the injury worse which eventually happened

  4. PartyPooperX

    Robben was really needed at the 2010 world cup while he was injured because hes one of the best players we have. Because of that his injury got worse after the world cup and was out for a very long time for Bayern. Bayern was angry and the Dutch Football Association arranged a friendly.

  5. SuperRobenator

    No one really cared about this game, germans being fags to Robben lol’d.
    Holland had a full team of inexperienced players,
    1st bayern goal: keeper shouldve had that.
    2nd: fail defense.
    3d: fail defense.
    too bad Gio quit playin he was a beast!

    Anyway, boring match friendly and didn’t count for anything.
    All I can say was that the defense was really terrible one the Dutch side, and if you don’t believe me just replay the second bayern goal to get it in ur head.

    Holland FTW @ Euro2012

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