1. callmechamp10

    LOL blame Barca’s loss on the fact they didn’t have Villa… They really should have won with the amount of chances they wasted in the first leg and the second, and not to mention the penalty miss by Messi (was a dive from Fabregas though, should never had been). Then Chelsea got 3 goals over 2 legs because they were more clinical with their chances, and had Barca took all their chances, no one would be slamming Chelsea for a defensive display, rather they would praise Barca for scoring a lot.

  2. peleto8

    1st of all bayern were on there own pitch that’s gotta count for smth don’t u think? 2cond Chelsea had a terrible start of the season and a change in the staff a new coach, Di Mateo can’t make that much of a miracle to make Chelsea the strongest offinsive club for less than a half season… so if u get thinking for a second and stop hating you should realise at some point that they deserved every inch of that trophy.. to play against all odds, and yet too win! They played their soul out and won

  3. maxcompany66

    Ich habe eine gute und eine schlechte nachricht für euch!!!
    Die schlechte ist: ihr werdet alle erschossen!!!
    Die gute ist: robben schießt!!!

  4. MHdutch

    and that said by someone with the name dubstep daily
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  5. Dubstep Daily

    fuck you little twat. i never said that you twat. you are so arrogant its un-real chelsea are far from the best team thats what makes this game so special. thats right. you should just fuck off. i mean why are you hear other than to troll? you probably a sweaty 16 year old, glasses, spots, b.o, with no mates that sits in your room trolling. i suggest you dont waste anymore of my time because you wouldnt say shit in reality. now go have a wank over messi or C.Ronaldo. Get a life.

  6. goodasingood2

    Messi missed because he had the whole weight of Barcelona on his shoulders. He wanted the penalty to be inch perfect, too bad he went the extra inch. Robben missed his because Petr Cech did is homework. And yes, Bayern had Chelsea by the throat, no surprise since Bayern was at home. But Chelsea won because of their desire to do so and 8 defenders in the box tactic. It was Chelsea’s year.

  7. xlus2

    just like when henry left arsenal, chelsea will never and i mean ever find anyone like drogba that could score goals when it matters most..his goals have won chelsea the fa cup and champions league (although they extremly were very very very very….infinity lucky)

  8. apocalypse105

    I am going to get a lot of flames about this but :

    Robben played well yes he missed the penalty but bayner should be proud to have him as palyer 

  9. Contidino

    Ofcourse you deserve to win if you defeat napoli, barcalona and bayern. But you can’t deny they were lucky as a bitch. If messi and robben misses a penalty, some of the best players in the world and if you think about all the chances and hits on the woodwork….
    But fuck it, they do deserve it

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