1. TheVFXllock

    both r just great. barcelona knows how to keep the posession, madrid knows how to do a counter attack. liverpool knows how to talk about history =D,lol im just kidding.

  2. Milan9Zlatan

    barcelona , i watched hem since 2005 and enjoyed them very much , but don’t worry , 7 years is better than nothing , i mean if we beated chelsea 5-3 , i woulnd’t ask for more haha

  3. AsianAwesome69

    thanks man! but seriously dude if they win a trophy next year, I will literally shit out of my hand… 7 years too long! what team do u like?

  4. Milan9Zlatan

    LOL yeah really , but they’ve started the season very well thanks to their players “bale adebayor and van der vaart …” you should buy some new players , next season i’m sure you’ll end up 1st , arsenal are like the best team on earth , they enspire me alot

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