Arteta Defends Wengar

Mikel Arteta has come to the defence of manager Arsene Wenger by saying that he has done a lot for the club and is not a specialist in failure as Jose Mourinho suggested a few weeks ago. The comments by the Chelsea boss has been one of the talked about aspects of the season. Mourinho, who has been a serial winner when it comes to trophies, has been taking a jibe at Arsene Wenger at every opportunity. Arteta has stated that Wenger is more than just about winning trophies since he has proven in the last nine years that he can totally transform the club.

Under the regime of Wenger, Arsenal have moved into the Emirates stadium, which has been meticulously planned by Wenger himself. It is regarded as one of the finest stadiums in the world and due to this, the club has become self-sufficient. Even with the signings of Mesut Ozil for around £ 42 million, the club has an extensive bank balance in order to go out and sign many more stars. However, the future of the Frenchman is under major doubt since he has been delaying the signing of a new contract. He is out of contract at the end of the season, but he has stated on several occasions that he wants to stay at the club.

“If, for you, success is only to win a trophy, it doesn’t matter how, then I think he (Wenger) is the way he (Mourinho) is saying. If you analyse everything he has done for the club, then if he is a failure I have a different opinion. I don’t like it when someone criticises my team-mates, the staff, the manager, the club because I see what he does every day to look after this club,” said Arteta about Mourinho’s comments.