1. HitMeQuick

    They didn’t deserve it and just about stumbled, fumbled and farted their way over the line to get it. The opposite of glorious. I counted Barcelona hitting the woodwork over 900 times in the semi. Big deal Chelsea, you bought it and still managed to make winning the most prestigious club tournament in the world look like a back alley mugging.

    Do you want some more you fucking cunt?

  2. C Cooper

    I’m in floods of tears listening to that. AVB is just such a special guy and an inspiration to all. C’mon AVB’s Blue & White army.

  3. cfcseanybhoy

    looking forward to seeing that defender we bought too seen a couple of videos on him looks like hes got potential like no other

  4. TheHandler89

    Willian for £32m… Eriksen for £11.5m.. doesnt make sense.. id still pick Eriksen any day of the week .. and Willian cost almost 200% more!

  5. TheHandler89

    top 4 this season! lost to Arsenal.. but away from home and with a few of the new guys not playing.. Lamela looks special!!! and so will Eriksen!

  6. cfcseanybhoy

    im glad he did we got lamlela n eriksen 2 WORLD class because that prick turned his back on us

  7. viallimcbeal

    Chelsea’s defence “too slow to play a high back four, too dumb to play in four-three-three”…..so slow and dumb they won the European Cup as soon as AVB left.

  8. Dan Johns

    Not quite sure why i’m watching this. Good video though, made me laugh. Spurs have done well this summer and I fear the the worst my Arsenal.

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