1. twistedbutlogical

    Just tried to and it’s a no-go apparently, it won’t let me do that for this video. Sorry about that, not sure what I can do. Thanks for trying to spread the word though!

  2. CHarbaugh55

    Would you please allow iPhone playback for this video? I love your season goal recap videos and I would love to show them to my mates at work! Much appreciated! 😀

  3. twistedbutlogical

    Yeah I think I’ve seen that one. There are quite a few great Spurs videos on YouTube these days – check out Yidvids2 for example.

    Thanks for your opinion but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can never please everyone with music. All I can do is choose a track I like, that’s the right length, fits a general mood and preferably has a pretty constant rhythm (for goals compilations that is). This time I also wanted to use a song released this year.

    Hope you like the next one more!

  4. DanStratford1

    Thanks for the vid… Seriously annoying music though – have you seen Conneily’s 2009/10 one? Definitive work… Google it (can’t post it for some dumb reason.)

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