1. johnnystud39

    LMAO Chelsea fan here, just saying i loved the fact we stuffed you yids 5-1 on our way to lifting the cup. Now, along with the joy of winning the Champions league, i am over the moon we kicked your lot out in the process. How does it feel, try not to cry too much
    Thursday night, channel 5!!!! 

  2. Scudeyyy

    Nope. Every Spurs fan took the piss when we were getting thrashed left right and centre, when we lost 2-1 at the urinal they call White Hart Lane and when we were 13 points behind them. So that gives us the right to take the mick out of them now that we finished above them… AGAIN.

  3. CamMitchProduction

    i wanna give a massive FUCK OFF to all my Arsenal wankers out there… why are you watching our teams videos anyways? oh yeah thats right, cos our goals are better..

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