1. mosesmoses2000

    Obama Care 666 Microchip by March 23, 2013. Don’t take the mark of the beast, receive Jesus

    .jesus is coming soon!!

    Receive Jesus, zoe eternal life. He will cause you to be born again a new creation. 2 cor 517 21, Jn 3 16.


  2. highflyingbull

    Ac Milan has gone from a beach ball soccer team to a circus team.
    Inzaghi=tiger (leaping through fire rings)
    Pato=(the silence of the )lamb
    Boating=African buffalo
    Guttuso=bull dog

  3. SC4RFAZ3

    milan should buy Ogbonna and Armero. ogbonna and silva would be so great together. and abate and armero is very fast and good deffenders. And viviano as a gk. Forwards. Balotelli or some1 else. And give el sharaawy time so he can become very good. And buy a good mfr. Sell many players and Robinho

  4. italiano5586

    the commentator is from egypt and he said” Oooh inzaghi and goal and the way how he received the ball and the talented insaghi look at this man look at inzaghi look at inzaghi! The captain of the goals “as the master of goal scorer or something” and look at him he is extremely so happy indescribable! because this big star deserve the honor to be happy and to score this goal because he is a legend and super pipo! then he brought a little biography about him and some statistical history 🙂

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